Polycomm Voice Station 500  $485.15

Polycomm Voice Station 500 $485.15




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Polycomm Voice Station 500  $485.15
(POLYPY-VOICE500)  Polycomm Voice Station 500 $485.15

Voicestation 500

- PolycomBluetooth-enabled voice conferencing designed foroffices and small meeting spaces
- Small Bluetooth-enabled conference phone ideally suited for desktops, offices, and other small rooms
- Microphone range of up to seven feet
- Perfect for small conferences with three to four participants
-Compact industrial design fits well on a desk or small table, making it a great solution for offices
- Use your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to connect wirelessly for hands-free voice conferencing
- Can also connect to a Bluetooth-enabled computer for high-quality hands-free conferencing overInternet calling services such as Skype
- 2.5mmapplications port: plug into a wired connection for mobile phone and internet calling when Bluetooth is not available
- Patented Acoustic Clarity Technology
- Full-duplex for simultaneous, natural, free-flowing conversation and more productive calls
- Users don't have to wait for participants on the far end to stop talking before breaking into a conversation
- Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) automatically reduces room background noise from fans, projectors, heating, and air conditioning for clearer sound and more efficient conferencing
- 360-degree room coverage: a powerful, digitally-tuned custom speaker and three sensitive microphones provide uniform coverage from up to 7 feet away
- Easy to use and install, no training required, connects into any analog
phone jack
- Convenient controls: volume, mute, redial, flash and hold are located
on an intuitive, easy-to-use keypad
- Auxiliary output jack allows connections to other peripherals, such as
an audio recorder
- Single-cord connection to phone console eliminates cable clutter on the tabletop
- Box dimensions: 15"L x 11"W x 4"H
- 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
- Gray

See FAQ's for more information:

- How does VoiceStation 500 compare to theVoiceStation 300? The VoiceStation 500 is Bluetooth-enabled for connecting to mobile phones
or computers. It also features an applications port forwired connections to mobile phones and computers that are not Bluetooth-enabled

- How does VoiceStation 500 compare to the VoiceStation 100? TheVoiceStation 500 features greater microphone coverage and better audio quality than the previous-generation VoiceStation 100

- How does VoiceStation 500 compare to the SoundStation2? The SoundStation2 features 50% greater microphone coverage and loudness than the VoiceStation 500, as well as additional audio enhancements. SoundStation2 also features a graphical backlit LCD display for callerID, phone book, and other features. Any meeting space that is larger than an office or small room should use a SoundStation2 rather than the VoiceStation 500.

- What is Bluetooth technology? TheBluetooth Specification defines a lowcost, low-power global radio standard for connecting devices. Using an efficient time-sharing architecture designed with advanced frequency-hopping and small packet sizes, the technology is able to
maintain high transmission speeds while operating in the unlicensed 2.4GHz radio spectrum.

- Which Bluetooth-enabled products will the VoiceStation 500 pair with? The VoiceStation 500 will recognize most devices that are enabled with standards based Bluetooth capability. The VoiceStation 500 is intended towork with other types of communication devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth-enabled computers that you use for computer calling.

- How does the applications port work using a mobile phone? The mobile phone cable (included with the VoiceStation 500) links the console to the headset jack of a mobile phone. The plug isa standard 2.5mm headset connector. Once the two phones are connected the
console acts as a speakerphone for the mobile phone. Dial the call using the mobile phone interface and speak hands free through the VoiceStat

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Polycomm Voice Station 500 $485.15